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| Monday, September 3, 2007

I don't really have a review for this, granted that it's like a year old. It wasn't a typical Sandler movie and that's a great thing, so see it.

To end this I would like to say...the last 30 minutes made me cry like a bitch so youu were warned.

Have a nice one! And come back for my Captivity review.

Cannibal Holocaust Review


Besides giving a formal review of this film, I just want to give my general reaction to it.

For thousands of years, people have been born with the powerful sensation of curiosity, adventure and discovery. Along with this, destruction and inane purpose. This movie displayed a great amount of each. First you’re given the impression that four filmmakers were captured and killed in the jungle and are to be found in one piece by another exhibition. This was the case, and they were found – in pieces.

The feelings that surface are of anger and understanding that the natives would do something like this, something so cannibalistic to these people, because it’s their way of life. Their way to survive. Throughout the film, it has a very strong documentary feeling to it that you almost forget that it is in fact a mocumentary and that none of it is real. Then I remember reading the reviews of this movie when it first was released and do understand why it was banned in so many countries. As an avid lover of horror movies, how storytellers and directors try their best in pushing the envelope to what really pushes our buttons; Cannibal Holocaust does this in the best human form I have ever witnessed.

In conclusion, there are numerous animal killings – and I mean a lot. The worst was the snapping turtle whose arms and legs were still moving, still fighting even when its head was cut off. Its insides were still pumping with blood when its shell was cut open. Aside from that there were also the filmed deaths of the four filmmakers, as well as the hell they unleashed on the natives in the jungle that they went there to film. The end resulted in castration, rape, and being beaten to death until there was nothing of them left and questioning who the real cannibals are.

Not to be watched before or after eating, with a loved one or a hardcore animal lover.