Lifes The Same Except For My Shoes

| Friday, August 21, 2009

Hi ho!

This just in: Will people be flocking to see 2012?

Recently I had the pleasure of seeing District 9 with the love of my life and I must tell you, if you haven’t seen this movie yet – go see it NOW! It’s an amazing story that you would never expect from the mass trailers and posters around your area. Bloggers abroad know pretty much what the movie is about, I’m sure they’ve written about it. I haven’t read those blogs because I have an opinion of my own of the film that I like to keep in tact. This movie will surely leave a mark on you, no matter how you were raised.

Sadly, I cannot give a definitive review of the movie. I recently did read an article after the movie was released, revealing the many many directions the movie went. I enjoyed the article and felt that I had general feeling that culminated into a love that is this movie. So please, go see it.

Now for the main event. I’ve seen the trailer for 2012 long before I saw it in a theater, actually it was a much funnier trailer than the actual one was. Here, take a look:

See? Much funnier than this one.

Point taken. But will people actually pay to see this? Granted it is a theatrical work of fiction that is based on scientific, and ugh Mesoamerican Armageddon calendar. How can we divulge ourselves into this pile of shit? The Mesoamerican’s are DEAD for a reason, they out lived their calendar a long time ago. So, to be the dicks they decided to pick a number in the 2000’s that will most definitely be the end of the world because it just seems to be the right time. Funny, they didn’t mention this in the 1980s, 90s, or when it turned 2000. We get the hot side of this fart 3 years before it supposedly happens the 21st of December. It will be safe to say that I will be with my boyfriend (who will probably be my husband by then) ready to push off with a wicked speedball, making our way into the next dimension with out a scratch. That we could feel anyway. Or if things get really hectic, I propose a driving into a canyon…if only there were canyons in New York.

So that’s how I feel about that. I generally do not like programs that give scenarios of how I’m going to die that differs from old age, rape or possible home invasion. Maybe they ran out of paper.

Fuck it, we’ll do it live!

We've all been lied too

| Friday, August 14, 2009

Sometimes I stop and think, "I'm not really important in many people's lives."

Well, I'm not. Anyway, I'm singing Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun" on of my favorite songs of ALL time. I will be 80 blasting this song from from my headphones.

I went through my old note pad files and found this.

Ha ha, boom head shot.

Now, where were we? Madness, I tell you! I bring to you another poem of mine. I have little recollection of my inspiration of this one. I remember I was in high school. And either just read or seen the movie Fight Club. Loved them both. So here it is. Falling, Six Feet Under

Falling so way,
Way down
That there ain’t no way I’m gonna get back up
Beaten and bloody from it
I roll on my back
Blinded by the light
I look up to the
Once large now small hole
That I fell though
And feel the pain of your love once again

That time when I felt your love
For the first time
How soft and wet and warm it was
So, so painful
You were the one
The only one that I wanted this feeling from
Because if someone else gave it to me
I wouldn’t know what to do
You know why?
You’re one in million
Nothing on this earth like it
Not a damn thing like it

That time when we were far into each other
Each others minds
Each others bodies
Each others souls
Without words you knew what to do
And with that first hit
Feeling the blood run down and across my lip
The second hit
The throbbing pain on my cheek
And the third, the forth…
I clench my jaw tightly
As your cold, wet hands gently squeeze my life into nothing
Breathing hard, hot gasps of your love for me
Seeing black
Your face spiraling farther and farther into the darkness
Experiencing the euphoria…

Of the cuts made by you
And bruises made by you
I can’t believe it took so long
For me feel this free
This loved
The years, months, weeks and days
Of stupid and inane minutes of wasted time
I wasted my fucking life
My entire fucking life of waiting for the right one
The right goddamn one to come
And give me what I wanted
What I dissevered
The pain that love is
Love is not the words “I love you”
Love is not that soft and wholesome shit on television and in movies
Love is the pain that you feel when
Your Mother slaps you on the face
Because you were bad or for no reason at all
Love is the pain that you feel when
Your Father ignores you, hardly even acknowledging you
Love is the pain that you feel when
Your “lover” leaves you on the curb without reason
Beaten and battered
Emotionally, never physically
Love is the pain that can be purely unimaginable
Because that’s the pain I feel when I’m with you

It’s when it gets too much
Or sometimes too little
The pain that I have is nothing
Like the pain that I never wanted
I found out something
Something so…bad
So un-pristine from what I really am
I…I can’t feel anymore
I can’t feel the pain you give me anymore and it hurts
It hurts
I want something stronger
Something thicker
Something more, more…harder
I want to bleed without stopping
I want to see black in all four corners
I want to move beyond the freedom nobody else has
I want to breathe smoke

Looking up at the bright light,
The hole that I fell though,
Waves of more bright light cascades
Closer and closer to me
But I don’t see the light anymore
But a hand wanting to take me
Back up to the surface
Now, I don’t feel your pain
Now, I want to discuss earth after touring hell
Touring my own hell
That will never freeze over.

© 2002 DiRtY

Unleash Hell :-P

Been Out, Now I'm In

| Friday, August 7, 2009

Must we make conversation every time we pass? So, I found out the The Great Gatsby was written without the letter "e" in it. What an ffort.

Over the break I've gotten some new additions into my life:

1) Even Dwarfs Started Small DVD.
2) A Region 2 copy of the Special Edition 2 Disk Creepshow DVD.
3) A gym membership.

Now I'm not going to bore you with the gym membership, that's a boring boring story. I wouldn't be joining for the desire of being in the presence clean white towels. So with that I leave it there and say...I joined for being in the presence clean white towels.


I have seen it throughout my youth over 100 times. And I'm going to see it 100 more times with 5 deleted scenes and commentary. There is a joy like no other when I receive this gift :D. It maybe compared to a very satisfying bowel movement.

Lastly, Even Dwarfs Started Small...Google it. It's an amazing movie. I can't review it because it's one of those movies that I can't describe, bring any humor too, or judge. I just love it. I hope you do too (if you decide to watch it).

So...and now to our main event. The poem below I wrote while I was laying on my parents bed. That's all I remember truthfully. It was about someone, I can honestly assume I was sexually active at the time. But I could be guessing. Without further a due, I give you Addiction

Crawling, twitching
Wasting and Itching
I cut my time off into intervals,
Memory laps of delusions
Cold, wet and confused
About everything but...


Licking and picking
The places you once were
Where we both made love
Soul to soul
Mind to mind
I close my eyes and hope pieces
Fragments of you were left back
Left behind to satisfy my hunger
My fix
My weakness that is...

My Addiction...

Cramping and shaking
I see you in all corners of my mind
But you're never there
The video record records you left behind
I love to watch so much
Vast, familiar smells and sounds
Resurface as I see you, us
Frozen in time
My fingers are like lightening bolts
Compared to my vibrating babies
I love to hold
To use so much
Coming closer and closer together
Falling from heaven
A place I always in when I'm watching...

My Addiction Is...

Trembling and screaming
"Where are you?"
"Why can't I find you?"
"Why are you doing this to me?"
All I need is to feel whole again
I need to be loved again
I forget to forget
Your blood in mine
Your seed in mine
Your hand in mine
Don't forget I have you in mind

My Addiction Is You.

© 2002 DiRtY

Unleash Hell :-P