All good thing require time, planning, and understanding

| Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yes, well. It's been some time. And for that I deeply don't care.

This morning on my way walking to work, some papers were flying gently in the wind and a skinny jeaned gentleman picked up a paper that he obviously did not drop. Walking ahead of him I found another piece of paper and swiped it up noticing that it had some scribbles on it. On the back of the paper stated:


Subject: (State exactly what you want; do not ask for interview without stating your question)

So this little ditty was left by a Fortissimo Fortltude from Willoughby. Age unknown. He doesn't have much skills for writing, that's for sure; but whatever the hell he was writing about was either thrown away by him or these "interviewers". Very puzzling. See if you can guess what the hell the "job" was for.

UPDATE: I threw this away as well, to be recycled into a starbucks cup.

I’ve learned well…
People fear me because of my vast collection of knowledge. I’m in jail. People think they are better than I am because those have more than I do.
I laugh at the petty cash.
I drift back and forth of what I use to have.
I mustered math with a combination of intellect my “chuandry” very complex.
Ain’t nothing simple about me.
I’m a college course for a degrees.
I ain’t perfect I drink and puff herb B.
I carry guns and sell drugs see.
I was the devil son once upon a time...
I was presented the truth about my people, how was manipulated and enslaved by evil.
I’m discipline and dedicated.
I have order and I’m situated.
I broke the psychological chains of slavery.
I *unintelligible* the words.
I’m black and I’m proud with bravery.
They can’t stop me now, I’m motivated.
Obligated to prosper, celebrating over linguine served with shrimp cocktail sauce and lobster.
I’m deadlier than a *unintelligible* strike.
More professional at killing than a mobster.
My words describe mental murder.
Can’t read my mind, it’s like doctors *unintelligible* fooling me it’s unheard of.
I’m a master mind *unintelligible* the son of Joseph.
Yes I was chosen, my message is pointed at your mind.
Keep closing another door always open.
I’m better at sailing the seas than boats, I practice swimming in the ocean.
My skin is rich, never ashy. Don’t need lotion – I’m joking.
Moving forward with the time, my mind is sweet like juicy fruit. Like a female in heat I’ll leave you open.
Some got this twisted; they say I’m a waste of talent because I’m gifted.
Live where live just like me your thought would be drifted from a good boy to a caramel.
I shifted.
I have no limits, this ain’t no gimmick.
My eyes seen too much death and pain, love and joy.
The goodness destroyed the bad I’ve employed and yes that life I enjoyed.
Today I’m a better man, no longer confused.
Life is to cherish not to abuse.
I hear the music in the background.
She’s singing a wonderful song.